Moving Dirt

As crossfitters and coaches we always ask for everyone to always give 100% effort. The reality of this statement is that from day to day your 100% may have varied results from day to day.  Results are not promised. The only thing guaranteed is the process.

Sometimes your 100 percent is a sprint, other days it might be a walk or even a crawl.  We all have days where we come in to the gym breathing fire, ready to Clang and Bang some weights and hit a few PRs. Other days we come in and we are measuring our success in the simple fact that we got to the gym that day.

We have all had those days, the weight seems a little bit heavier than usual. We aren’t moving quite as fast. Sometimes its because its the end of the week, or that we worked a crazy work schedule prior to getting to the gym. This should not be an excuse for not putting in the work, it is just realizing that everyday is different and everyday our performance may vary.

One of he best analogies that I have heard came from John Welbourne at Power Athlete. Training is like building a mountain. Some days you are moving dirt and building this mountain with a shovel, and other days all you have is a spoon. You can still give a 100% effort with what ever you have that day. thJTJ6DIHN

Every day is a chance to get better. I know for me that sometimes those are the best days to just find a workout that I can grind though. Not necessarily heavy Olympic lifting or very technical gymnastics, because I know that on these days I am just going to miss lifts I normally would make and end up walking away feeling defeated and beat up. These are the days I drag or push some sleds, throw around sandbags, flip some tires, hit some sledgehammer. I’m not working to PR anything, I am working on being able to grind out some work and move some dirt. Doesn’t have to be pretty.  All you need to do is supply the effort that you got available.  Rather than it being a day where you didn’t feel like you are firing on all cylinders, you can walk away having actually put yourself through a nice training session.

So on those days where you don’t need a rest day, but you aren’t up for an elaborate or technical workout, you can still get out and Move some dirt and still work on that mountain.



Straight Out of Line: An Understanding of Periodization

There are only so many hours in the day, only so many day in the week and only so many weeks in the year.   And then there is the fact that there always seem to be so many things to work on, snatches, jerks, cleans, handstands, double-unders and then some where in there we still just want to be able to be stronger and faster.   How do we prioritize? How do we fit it all in? How can I plan to make it all happen?


First, take a deep breath. Fitness is a marathon not a sprint. We don’t have to be better at everything RIGHT NOW.  The journey can be enjoyed just as much. But we can make a plan to make it all so much easier to manage. This is where we start talking about periodization. Read More