Crossfitters and their Gear

Through the years that I have been involved with Crossfit I have seen quite the evolution in the amount of gear available, as well as the styles of gear that is now available. Some of the obvious styles changes is in the shoes that everyone is now wearing, but then there is also an abundance of specialized gear that has become more prevalent on the market. I think that some of it has been for the better, but at the same time not all of it has. Read More


To Belt up or Not to Belt up.

We have all seen it, the guy walking around the gym with the lifting belt on and working on some preacher curls.  Lets be honest, he probably does not need a lifting belt in this case.  If not then, when though? When should I be using a lifting belt? or do I even need one?

When we are doing lifts, such as squats, deadlifts, overhead press, or any of the Olympic lifts, we rely on a concept known as Intra-Abdominal Pressure.  This is the pressure generated within our thoracic and abdominal cavities, otherwise our rib cage and gut. When we lift, we will work to increase the level of intra-abdominal pressure as a means of providing additional support and stability to the spine.  This extra support goes to prevent any damaging forces on our vertebrae, as well as allowing us to better apply force against a load. Read More

Lessons from 2015

The difference that a year makes. Every time you think that you know something, all you really do is realize how much more you don’t know. Even in the past year it seems like all I have done is start discovering how much more there is to the iceberg. In some cases we find something completely different, and in other cases we start to see how deep the rabbit hole really goes and how important it really is. As I enter 2016 here is the biggest most notable “icebergs” that I take with me from 2015.  And as the year goes on, we will keep traveling down some of these “rabbit holes”.

1 – What Are You Training For? Have a goal, have a reason for the journey. Maybe its training for a competition, or working towards a new a certain weight on a lift, or a new run time. But have a reason to show up every day. Write down that goal, Write down three reasons you want that goal and three ways to meet it.  Make it realistic, make it attainable, and make it measureable. Not just “I want to get better at double-unders”. Instead I want to string 10 double-unders in the next month. “ Read More