About the Author

Tim Adams  

Instagram: @dtadams0210

  • Crossfit Trainer (LV-2)
  • Crossfit Football
  • Crossfit Judge
  • Contributing Editor Tabata Times
  • United States Marine Corps Veteran

I was first exposed to Crossfit in 2007.   As I would move from station to station in the Marine Corps I would become a Coach and get the opportunity to coach, train and learn from some amazing people.  The biggest thing I have taken away from crossfit is to do more. Not reps, but read more, learn more, do more things and continue to be hungry to do more.

My journey has taken me to compete in Powerlifting Competitions,  Marathons/ Half-Marathons,  Adventure runs,  multiple Crossfit competitions Scottish Highland Games and more.  I have taken every opportunity to learn and to meet people to learn from.

Crossfit Beaufort   Beaufort, SC

Crossfit Barracks   San Diego, CA

Crossfit BAGUS   Okinawa, Japan


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