Fitness and the New Year

Fitness and the New Year

The New Year has officially begun. Whether you are a “resolutionist” or not, everyone comes into the year with some sensation of a fresh start or clean slate. This does not mean that you forget about what you did last year, but you do start thinking about what you want to accomplish this year.  With that in mind, everyone has different goals, everyone has different expectations, and everyone has different challenges. The one true constant is that everyone is here to better their lives and health. I shy away from saying that everyone comes to better their fitness because fitness is really the way that we find better health and performance.

The question is then how do we measure our health. I can measure my fitness with my 1RM’s and my WOD times, but how do I measure how healthy I am. There are plenty of biological markers that we use to measure health.

Blood Pressure / Pulse Rate
Body Fat
Bone Density
Good and Bad Cholesterol
Muscle Mass

But anyone of these values alone can never give us a full picture, but it can serve as an indicator. We can look at this as a continuum. On one end, the negative side of things, we find “sickness”. This is where we find the worst values of the indicators above; low bone density, high blood pressure, limited range of motion.  As the indicators improve, we begin to achieve a point known as “wellness”.  At this point, we are maintaining decent indicators of health, and we are generally free from any pathological disorders or disease. Past wellness, we eventually come to the mark of “fitness”. Fitness is defined as our work capacity across broad time and modal domains, or in words that we can all understand, it is our ability to do more regardless of length of time or style of workout. The difference between wellness and fitness is that a person can have good biomarkers, and be free of disease, but to be fit you must also be able to perform.

The way that we look at measuring our health then is our measure of fitness as we age. Ideally we would all like to get healthier as we age, but eventually we will get to that point where our age will exceed our body’s ability to grow, and at that point our performance will start to decline. Here comes the great news, the further we are to the fitness side of the scale, the longer it will take to slip past wellness and get to sickness.

We can see examples of this. If I have a 400lb deadlift and I were to just stop working out today, my performance would see a decline but because of my previous strength it would be a long time before I get to the point where I was unable to get out of a chair or pick up my keys if I dropped them. This same goes for other movements and other elements of fitness such as endurance, flexibility, etc. Through fitness we have better biomarkers and it allows our bodies to be better suited to fight the ravages of time, wear, and disease. It will never be able to beat time, but we can be resistant. You can live to be 100 or you can be living life at 100.

Our fitness is the result of our nutrition, training and our lifestyles.. So we will be taking the time to introduce some information and wisdom to everyone that doesn’t always get covered in class. We are looking to cover a little of everything from Nutrition, Supplements, Training cycles, gear and equipment, and even shoot a few recipes and events out to everyone.

So as we move forth into the New Year, whether you have set your goals or not, we are all still here for the same reason. We want to be able to live healthier and fuller lives…

….And hit some new PR’s.



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